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“I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not

retreat a single inch, and I will be heard.” - William Lloyd Garrison

Unpaid and uncensored, I write whatever I want every other Thursday in The Union newspaper of Grass Valley, California. I try to be eclectic. I want to keep people guessing as to what the hell Durkin is writing about this time. These are some of my favorite columns. Confessions of an oxytocin junkie - I need a hug. (12/23/20) Stop the steal of our flag - Waving the American flag does not make you a “patriot.” (2/17/21) What’s wrong with women’s rights? - Her body, not your choice. (3/17/21) Choose your groove, grads - Get out of your rut and get in the groove. (5/26/21) Housing Now! - a call to action - Homeless people in the streets is our fault, not theirs (6/9/21) A home for my darling - A glimpse into my love life. (6/23/21) I told you so - I did. I’ve been talking about this since last century (7/7/21) Don’t kill the messenger - If you don’t like the news, that’s your problem. I just report it. (7/21/21) Sense and non-sense - How to understand non-sense: Don’t even try. (8/18/21) Reality bites back - The more you ignore reality, the more it works against you. (9/15/21) Appreciating gratitude - Count your blessings. (10/27/21) Old and in the way? - Don’t be a Luddite. (11/10/21) Go west, little boy - A Baby Boomer’s odyssey. (11/24/21)