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Virtuoso Basics Welcome to Virtuoso! This "assignment" is your official training on how our systems work, and a little intro to the work culture we strive to maintain. This is how you will receive assignment offers. And to be clear-- they are offers! You are free to decline any assignment for any reason-- NO is a complete sentence. But, if you let us know why, it will help us manage the workflow a little better. We may even be able to change a deadline or something to make it work better for you. If an assignment ever seems like way too much work for the scope, please wave a flag. It is so important to us that we treat our writers fairly, and we do not always get it right. We rely on YOU to tell us when we are off-base. If a topic is outside your comfort zone, just say so. We will not hold it against you if you turn down an assignment. We appreciate your responses within 24 hours. If we do not hear from you, we reserve the right to pull the assignment and send it to another writer, so they have adequate time to complete the work. If one writer waits 5 days and then declines an offer, that is 5 fewer days the next writer has to work on it. We hate putting people in that spot. This field is where the details of the assignment will be listed. If anything in the instructions is unclear, don't hesitate to ask. You can ask via the form when you accept or submit the assignment or send an email to the editor or another staff member. The "number of pages" is in what we call "Virtuoso Pages," and that is how you can invoice us A VP is 350 words by default, but sometimes it is 500, as noted in the assignment instructions. This also gives you an idea of how long the piece should be, unless a wordcount is specified. And speaking of word counts and scope, do not fret about word count. Quality over quantity, always. Do not waste your time trying to shave off 25 words to make a word count. Likewise, do not fluff up copy to meet a word count. It is a ballpark, unless noted. After you have looked over the assignment, the deadline, etc., and decided if you are up for it or not, just click the link at the bottom where it says CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT, DECLINE, SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT and fill out the webform. If you make a mistake, just fill it out again and make a comment. It is the same link for all assignments. Please note, you can upload multiple documents in one go, and whatever you submit (comments or files) will override previous submissions. If you have three files to submit for one assignment, please submit them all at once in one form if you can. If not, include a comment ("Blog #2 of 4") so we know to check the recycle bin for others. Do take care to input the assignment number correctly. If you use the wrong number, the Airtable ghosts come out to play... �� If that happens, just email someone on staff and we can untangle things. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, please try your hand at "accepting" this through the webform. After a minute or two, you will see the assignment in your All Projects Link and Calendar. Open it again, and then try submitting a draft as well. A blank word doc is just fine. If you have any trouble, reach out to us and we can help.